We are back from our quick 4 day trip to Dublin, Ireland.  Hubs is in Ireland a ton right now for work so it was nice that Tenley and I could tag along and we could all have some fun together.  Plus, it’s only a 45-60 minute flight from Birmingham, England and our flights only cost 22pounds round trip.  What?  That is like $25-$30 US. That is insane!  We have even seen flights for 3 pounds!  We are totally taking advantage of these cheap flights.  We flew RyanAir and these flights with these cheap prices are quite interesting.  The airfare deserves its on post that I will do on another day but because the flights are so cheap means that the airline will try and sell you anything and everything they can to make more money.  Fine by us–read the fine print and then don’t buy anything else. 🙂  Easy Peasey!

Back to Dublin!  We purchased 3 day multi-bus tickets while were in Dublin.  This covered buses from airport to hotel, airport to city centre, any city buses in the city and the Hop On and Hop Off Tour buses with Dublin Site Seeing.  We had never done one of the Hop On-Hop Off Tour buses before but decided to give it a go.  It was a very nice, easy, educational and comical way to see the city.  It was comical because the drivers commentated while they drove, let you know what you were seeing, told life stories, sang songs, made jokes, etc.  Quite entertaining.  Make sure you get on the LIVE Tour bus for the commentators. 🙂  We saw the many city sites, museums, cathedrals, castles, Ha’Penny bridge, etc.

In all fairness–these things do not excite me.  I am not a fan of the big cities and I don’t feel “happy” when I am in them. They are congested, loud, too many smokers, not enough trees and open spaces, etc.  But, since we are traveling the world, I am trying my best to embrace each and every experience. But, in the future…..we will be doing more exploring to smaller towns/villages and doing more adventurous travels.  It’s what makes us “Feel Alive.” I’m sure a big city will still pop up in our travels though.

We were excited to be in Dublin, Ireland for Halloween.  On Halloween we went to the Dublin Zoo. Our family loves animals and we like to go to as many zoos and animal parks as we can.  The Dublin Zoo is the 3rd oldest zoo in the world and it did not disappoint.  All three of us agreed that the Baby White Rhino was the highlight of the zoo trip.  We had never seen a baby white rhino before and this one was prancing around, head butting its mom, testing the waters with its dad and more. We watched the rhino’s for 40 minutes. Plus, you could get so close to the animals at the Dublin Zoo.  That was very different then most experiences at zoos in the US where you are separated by fences, rocks, gates, moats, etc.


A unicorn and her Rhino friends.

After the zoo we headed down to the Samhain Halloween Parade in Dublin.

Superman and Unicorn!

The parade was super cool.  It was small but the theatrics and multiple person controlled props were very cool to see.  We even happened to stand right next to a family from Texas at the parade. It was nice to hear “Y’all and Fixin” again. Missing my homies back in Texas!

The next day, Casey had to work in Dublin so Tenley and I were on our own. So, we headed down to Bray, Ireland via bus to check out the Irish Sea and so Tenley could do a horseback ride at Brennastown Riding School.   The skies were grey much of the morning but when we arrived at the sea the sun came out!  Hooray! The pictures turn out so much better when there is a blue sky.  We did a little hike along the Irish Sea–The Bray Cliff Walk Hike. I wanted to hike all the way to the top but we didn’t have enough time.  😦  What we did see of the Irish hills and sea was gorgeous.

The Irish Sea-Bray, Ireland!

Off on the bus again to get to Brennanstown Riding School.

If you love riding horses, this is a fantastic place to ride at.  The stables, staff, and horses were all top notch.  My daughter Tenley was in horse heaven and had finely seen her dream stable.  Stables made out of all stones, all the horses with their heads out of their stalls and each one with a name plate as well.  Tenley set off on a horse named Sonny for her 1 hour trek through the Irish hills. I only wish I had gone with her!  I guess she had amazing views and could see the sea as well. The little stinker forgot that she had her phone in her pocket while riding, so alas, not photos were taken of her views.  She rides horses regularly and I do not, so doubtful that she would have been able to trot and canter if I was riding along with her.

Animal Lover

Next holiday is to Fuertoventura, Canary Islands in 14 days!

All pictures taken with IPhone 6s.  Instagram filters added.

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