English Words that Brits use.


I think one of the things I enjoy the most about living abroad and traveling is meeting new people and hearing the different words that they may use for an item, saying, etc  Here are some of the words we have come across while living in England.  Some we were familiar with and others…..not so much. 🙂
1. Chuffed: really pleased.  Example:  I’m chuffed to bits.
2. Cheap as Chips: something is cheap
3. Fanny: this refers to a lady’s private parts, whereas in the U.S. a “fanny” is your bottom.
4. Bum bag: a bag worn around the hips. In the U.S. we would call this a “fanny pack” Well, now that you know the U.K. word for “fanny” can you see how funny it is for British people to hear Americans say, “Fanny Pack?” HAHA—What all can you pack inside your fanny? Hilarious!
5.Pants:  I struggle with this word.  Pants means “underwear” in England but pants means jeans or trousers in the U.S.

6.  Trousers:  In the U.K. trousers are what we would call pants in the U.S.  We get a lot of laughs when we say, “I was wearing pants and a sweater.”  Brits think we are just wearing our underwear and a sweater. Ha!

7. Gutted:  disappointed, upset, saddened or devastated.

8.  Knackered:  extremely tired.

Plats:  Braids

10.  Ace:  brilliant or excellent

11.  Dodgy:  wrong, illegal, or just plain “off” in 1 way or another.

12.  Rubbish:  Trash

13.  Poorly:  Sick.  Example:  I am poorly.   When I first heard this I thought the person was telling me they didn’t have any money.  Brits don’t usually say, “I feel poorly”  they just say, ” I am poorly.”

14.  Ding-Dong:  Example:  I had a bit of a ding-dong with my daughter.  You did what???  This one was all kinds of strange for me.  Ding dong in the U.S. may mean “males genitals, the sound the doorbell makes, a name you might call someone, a Hostess ding-dong that you eat, maybe you bumped your head?”   In the U.K., “ding-dong” means an argument.  Therefore, you had an argument with your daughter, a quarrel, a spat.  Thank goodness it didn’t mean what I envisioned.


15.  Lorry:  This refers to a panel truck.  I saw a news headline stating, “Lorry hits bridge”  I was thinking that maybe a lorry was a type of bird. haha.  You know, like a lorakeet? haha

16.  Trainers:  Tennis Shoes or Sneakers

17.  Chips:  French fries

18.  Crisps:  these would be what we would call chips in the U.S.

19.  Indicator:  This is your blinker on your car.

20.  Nappy:  diaper

21.  Buggy:  This is a stroller for kids.

22.  Quid:  Another term for their Pound currency.  We would say, “Bucks” in the U.S. as another term for dollars.

I could go on for days but these have been some of our favorites so far.  I hope you were chuffed to bits reading this. 🙂