Well, our time in England is coming to an end.  We arrived in September 2016 and Tenley and I will be leaving on Aug 3rd, 2017.  She and I will spend 16 days in Austin, Texas and will then immigrate to Australia on August 22, 2017.  We are all very excited to be moving permanently to the Sunshine Coast of Australia. We have permanent resident Visa’s for Australia and can apply for Australian Citizenship after 4 years of living there. 🙂


We had a 3 year Visa for England but one year has been enough for all of us.  Unfortunately, Casey will need to stay in England until late September so it will be up to Tenley and I to find housing, outfit a house(we sold EVERYTHING when we left the U.S.), get her enrolled into school in Australia.  We can handle it though.  Just another adventure for us.  The hardest part will be that we will be away from Casey for almost 2 months.  I think the longest we have every been apart was 2 weeks.  Thank goodness for Face time!


In the past 10.5 months that we have lived in England we have traveled a ton and ended up flying somewhere new every month except for February and May(Casey flew multiple times each month for work). I think Casey has around 70 stamps in his passport and Tenley and I have around 20.  He is such a stamp hog! haha–good ol work travel!  The opportunity to travel has been amazing and we are truly grateful for each and every experience we have had while living in England and traveling through Europe.


Here is a little recap of all the places we have visited: 

September 2016:  Arrived in Birmingham England:

October 2016:  Nice, France and Dublin, Ireland

November 2016:  Fuerteventura, Canary Islands Spain

December 2016:  Wales, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Scotland

January 2017:  Gran Canary Island, Spain

March/April 2017:  Wales and Australia

June 2017:  Dubrovnik, Croatia

July 2017:  Rome, Italy and Santorini, Greece

We went to London twice and on the weekends we took many train rides to various cities, towns, hikes, and countryside throughout England.

Having Tenley do a year of online school while we have been living in England has allowed us the flexibility to travel when prices are low.  I think we both have a love/hate relationship with online school but it totally served it’s purpose and she is VERY ready to enroll back into school once we get settled in Australia.  I am also VERY ready for her to be back into school/routine/sports/activities, etc.  Tenley was able to complete all of her online school work two weeks early and she always worked ahead when we had a vacation planned so that she didn’t have to work on school work while we were traveling.  Her teachers and mentor with the online program were amazing.  When she was done with the online school I had her do math and vocabulary workbooks throughout the summer as a recap of the work she did for the year.  She also put together a powerpoint slideshow of all the places we visited throughout the year.  Each slide included:  city and country we visited, countries flag, shape of country, currency, bodies of water surrounding the country, sites we saw at each place and one interesting historical fact about each place.  It’s been a great learning experience for her to re-cap the year and to be able to reflect on her travel journey’s.

Favorite Trip we took:  Hands down we all loved Australia the most.  It was VERY hard for me to get on that plane in early April to fly back to England. 😦 Australia’s lifestyle feeds our soul.  Friendly people, hikes in the hinterland, ocean swimming, Nature/Animals, warm weather, small population compared to other countries it’s size, BBQ’s, pools, clean cities, and the community feel of where we want to live.

Favorite trip we took in Europe:  I would have to say Croatia.  It was a very close race between Croatia and Santorini, Greece but in the long run I would love to go back to Croatia and explore more.  There are other amazing cities, gorgeous National Parks, islands, the Adriatic Sea and so much more I would love to see there.  WE loved our 7 days in Dubrovnik, Croatia and I should really try and get around to actually blogging about our trip there.   Santorini, Greece is very close second to Croatia. We are obviously suckers for warm places on the sea!  The views on the cliffs of the island were stunning and we all had a blast exploring the island and beach hopping while on quads (4-wheelers).  Casey and Tenley especially loved the quads.  I guess I was too slow of a driver for Tenley so she rode with Casey instead. 🙂

Favorite City we visited in the U.K.:  Edinburgh, Scotland

Horseback riding:  Tenley has now in her lifetime ridden horses in the U.S., Mexico, Ireland, England and Spain (and soon to be Australia).  She begged to ride in Greece but the mean parents we are decided to pass so we could all ride quads instead. 🙂